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On our 'Games' pages, you will encounter a mixture of new and classic casino games by the best online game publishers. We've compiled a collection of online casino games ranging from quick and easy-to-learn to more involved wagering where it pays dividends to know all the rules. On this page, we've included just a small sample of the games we've covered at Casino Beacon. To see a more comprehensive list of games released by a particular publisher/designer (ie. Microgaming, NetEnt) then use the links provided below.

To get playing, simply visit any casino that's got the software or game you're looking to play. Use our drop-down menus to visit any Beacon-approved casino - it'll open in a new tab/window so you won't lose your position on this page. Many online casinos allow casual visitors to play their games for free without registering an account but some casinos do require pre-registration to access the games.

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Latest Games Added

The most recent game releases and reviews featured at Casino Beacon. All links open in a new tab/window so you can keep browsing this page.

Hyper Strike - Microgaming slotHyper Strike - Microgaming slot
Hyper Strike is a dazzling-action slot game with plenty of pace to keep things moving along at a speedy rate, although you are free to slow things down if you prefer to approach your slot gaming sessions a bit more chilled out. Gameburger Studios is the independent-designer behind this game, making it available to all participating Microgaming-powered online casinos.

The game layout for Hyper Strike is a standard five reel, three row slot with the 'Hyper Strike' symbol being 'wild' and so replacing other symbols if possible after any spin, forming additional win-lines. Hyper Strike has 20 total-win-lines per spin and a Return-to-Player (RTP) of 96.24%. It's possible to win x2000 your stake during gameplay. It's a medium-variance slot so should pay out often enough to keep players entertained and rewarded if performing to its capabilities.

We mentioned the Hyper Strike wild symbol - if you can spin in three or more of these beauties then you will receive an instant money reward. It's possible to land up to nine Hyper Strike symbols and the more you can make appear on the reels, the bigger your cash prize will be. For example, three Hyper Strike symbols will pay x1 your stake amount, five of them will pay out x15 stake and nine Hyper Strike symbols on the reels will throw at you the mighty x2000 stake top prize. Which would be nice.

Hyper Strike has - of course - a free spins bonus round too. This is activated by spinning in 'Free Spins' symbols on the middle three reels. Do that and you'll receive your stake back for a start, followed by a trip to the 'bonus wheel' which is where the fun gets a bit more heart-racing. The result of spinning the bonus prize wheel basically determines how many free spins (up to 30 spins) and at what win-multiplier you will get. Land a lucky spin of the prize wheel and you could be looking at a seriously big win. Land an unlucky spin and it's still possible to win big, but it'll be more of a challenge. These free spins can be re-triggered during the bonus round, adding a completely fresh set of free spins to your bonus game!

Play Hyper Strike - - Microgaming casinos/games and excluded countries

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Diamond Rhino - Rival slotDiamond Rhino - Rival slot
Diamond Rhino by Rival Gaming is a win both ways, diamond shaped slot with 720 win-lines. The software veteran's latest progressive jackpot slot, released in December 2020, is colourfully designed with wild African animals that pop out in a 3D style. The reels are made up of a mixed bag of creatures; lions, cheetahs, crocodiles and meerkats amongst others and the raging black rhino which comes in as a stacked wild with a x2, x3 or x5 multiplier. Diamond Rhino is a low variance slot with a RTP of 93.99%.

Three or more Rhino Diamond symbols will trigger up to 15 free spins. Spin in five 'Jackpot' symbols when betting 2.50 (max bet) on any win-line to take home the jackpot. It's not clear exactly what the jackpot symbol looks like as Rival haven't made it clear (to us anyway) within the game information but we're guessing it's similar to the 'JACKPOT' sign above the pot total at the right hand side of the game. In any case, it will be clear when you've won the jackpot!

Play Diamond Rhino - - Rival casinos/games and excluded countries

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IC Wins - RTG slotIC Wins - RTG slot
IC Wins is a medium-variance slot with six reels and four rows and a more-than-enough 4096 different win-lines on every spin. There's definitely potential for some good wins playing IC Wins, assuming you haven't trodden on any fairies recently.

This is obviously a winter-themed game released for players who like to play games with a seasonal feel. IC Wins should also be attractive to slot-lovers who like to have lots of features during the gameplay. There's a free re-spin feature that can be triggered after any losing spin, so even a lousy spin can revert into a big paying win-spin. It's a nice touch and means you can't take your eyes off the reels if you're playing in auto-spin mode because you just never know when the re-spin is going to hand over a chunk of money.

IC Wins includes plenty more features to keep you coming back for more. The 'IC logo' scatter symbol can land on any/all reels except for reel one - spin in three or more scatter symbols and you will activate the free spins bonus feature, crediting you with up to 16 free games.

To add to the adrenalin-action during the free spins bonus, all free bonus spins are multiplied up to x7. The game's designers reckon this is one of the best bonus features incorporated into a slot game and will be where some really big payouts are won.

Play IC Wins - - RTG casinos/games and excluded countries

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Book Of Darkness - Betsoft slotBook Of Darkness - Betsoft slot
Book Of Darkness invites you to 'uncover the secrets of dark magic' in a fixed ten-winline slot where you'll be on the hunt for mystical books and then choose a hero to fight for in the 'Clash For Power' bonus rounds. Sounds like plenty of action.

Keep your eyes on the screen, looking out for when the 'Huntress' and 'Dark Wizard' symbols align next to a 'Book' symbol - this is when the 'Clash For Power' gets started and the excitement level rises. You'll choose a fighter and complete the 'Hero Meter' (you gotta love that name) by receiving wins with your chosen hero. If your fighter wins, you will be richly rewarded and start another bonus round.

As we mentioned, there can be a lot of action during gameplay and we're not finished with the features of Book Of Darkness just yet.

Another feature to cross your fingers for is the 'Shadowform' bonus when you'll become involved in the action as the Huntress and Dark Wizard do battle with each other, exploding your wins. If the Dark Wizard happens to win the Clash For Power then he will convert five symbols to expand mode. If the Huntress has kicked Dark Wizard's butt then she will (for whatever reason, we don't know) award you a x5 win multiplier to any and all wins. Either way, you're getting paid.

Play Book Of Darkness - - Betsoft casinos/games and excluded countries

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Galactic Gold - Microgaming slotGalactic Gold - Microgaming slot
Galactic Gold is definitely a game for online players who enjoy a backstory. If you like your casino games to have something of a storyline then Galactic Gold is for you. In fact, if you like your games to come with a novel-length backstory then you'll fit right in here. Most new game releases arrive with some sort of brief synopsis but Galactic Gold has clearly had a LOT of effort put into it, both in terms of the game itself and the storyline surrounding it. This is no lazy effort that Microgaming has produced and you'll notice the high quality of all aspects of this game immediately upon loading it up

Microgaming describe Galactic Gold as 'An Intergalactic Experience' designed to entertain online casino players of all levels of experience. It's clearly a space-themed slot and is very easy-on-the-eye with some really nice graphics. Galactic Gold's creators state, 'Every aspect of this online casino game has been expertly designed to provide players with an exceptional gaming encounter - whether they're new to the online gaming sphere, or a seasoned player.'

We won't go into the full storyline. If we did, we'd probably knock-over our website hosting company 'cos it's enormous. The basics - Roscoe 'Digger' Townsend is the leader of the Aces of Spaces crew, made up of Nova Nightshade, Arthur 'Silver Tongue' Baker, and Nicky Powers - all of whom sound like porn star names to us (not that we'd know, of course). They're all on a mission to search for gold on the planet of Aerius whilst attempting to outwit the evil villain Shayde Grimm, who is on his own mission to stop the Aces of Spaces crew from finding the gold. Trust us - that's the very, very short version!

Galactic Gold features FOUR different progressive jackpots that can be triggered at random during regular gameplay. This will happen when a wheel appears that you will spin, determining which of the four jackpots will end up in your pocket. The usual wild symbols are included in Galactic Gold, replacing other symbols to make bigger wins and in the case of this game, wilds also double your win amount.

Play Galactic Gold - - Microgaming casinos/games and excluded countries

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African Legends - Microgaming/Slingshot Studios slotAfrican Legends - Microgaming slot
African Legends is an online slot game designed by Slingshot Studios for Microgaming-powered casinos and it's a jackpot-tempting game that could put millions of dollars or euros or whatever happens to be your local currency in your pocket. Or more likely, into your bank account.

Released in October 2020, African Legends places the player atop breath-taking African plains in an energetic '243 ways-to-win' game, packed with features, including the Wild Blast multiplier trail.

African Legends includes a 'Rolling Reels' mechanic that sees its striking stone symbols explode as monolithic beasts thud down the reels, resulting in multiple possible winning combinations from just a single spin.

An important fact to mention - the African adventure that is African Legends includes the mighty 'Wow Major' jackpot features which seeds at a basic but impressive-enough $/€50,000 and paid out more than $/€16 million in the months leading up to this game's release so it's certain to be regular payer to some lucky spinners.

Play African Legends - - Microgaming casinos/games and excluded countries

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Miles Bellhouse & the Gears of Time - Betsoft slotMiles Bellhouse & the Gears of Time - Betsoft slot
Miles Bellhouse & the Gears of Time is a 'new uniquely crafted' 5x5 grid-layout slot game with an RTP (Return-to-Player) of 96.98%. Apparently (here comes the storyline), Miles Bellhouse has been experimenting with time again. We had no idea he'd done it previously but moving on... playing this slot will, claim Betsoft, take you on a trip of a lifetime and you will seek out timeless riches. Betsoft's promotional waffle tells us that when playing Miles Bellhouse & the Gears of Time, 'The Past, the Present and the Future provide a new and exciting gameplay experience'.

With every spin, Miles Bellhouse will randomly select five grid positions which could be covered by a winning cluster at the end of each cascade. The more winning clusters that cover selected positions, the greater the chance to trigger one of the special Time Traveling bonus features.

Play Miles Bellhouse & the Gears of Time - - Betsoft casinos/games and excluded countries

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Party Parrot - Rival slotParty Parrot - Rival slot
Party Parrot is a standard layout slot (5x3 reels/rows) that exudes brightness and fun. The game is clearly designed to appeal to players who enjoy cartoony-style, easy-on-the-eye playfulness as opposed to striking realism and cut-scenes from movies. There's even a story-line for players who prefer some meaning to their gambling! In the case of Party Parrot, the scenario is that there's a party in the jungle and - wouldn't you know it? - you've been invited! Our 'party parrot' is named Pete and as you'll be playing as Pete, it's your job to hit wins. Along the way you will encounter jungle-stuff such as a cockatoo, eggs, maybe a flamingo, some parrots, pelicans and penguins (penguins in the jungle? what?) and toucans. We're still not sure what a penguin would be doing in there.

The game designer's 'instructions' explain that 'Three or more 'Drop' symbols will initiate the 'Drop Feature' where cascading wins will remove the winning symbols and replace the empty spaces with new symbols, hopefully creating even bigger wins. That said, apparently the expected Return-to-Player for Party Parrot is a bit on the low side at 93.74% (we've seen slightly different RTP's for this game on other sites but always in the 93% range) so this is a game that does have potential to pay big wins and burst your account balance but is more likely to entertain you with more regular, steadier top-ups along the way. In other words, have fun with Party Parrot, don't expect anything massive and then if something juicy does land in your lap, it'll be an unexpected surprise.

Play Party Parrot - - Rival casinos/games and excluded countries

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Cash Bandits 3 - RTG slotCash Bandits 3 - RTG slot
Cash Bandits 3 is, as the name implies, the third slot released in this popular series of casino games. Cash Bandits 3 is a very high variance, five reel slot so payouts should be considerably-sized when luck is running your way.

There are 25 win-lines per spin and a free spins bonus round to aim for, along with two jackpots (Minor and Major). If you manage to trigger the 'Vault Feature' and crack the code on six different vaults then you'll win up to a massive 390 free spins with a win multiplier of x23!

Play Cash Bandits 3 - - RTG casinos/games and excluded countries

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Legend of Singing Fan - WGS Technology slotLegend of Singing Fan - WGS Technology slot
Legend of Singing Fan is a five reel, three row slot with ten different win-lines per spin. Wild and scatter symbols are to be expected and you'll get to use an optional 'nudge' feature to shift reels two and four either up or down one position in order to generate additional wins (including bonus rounds).

Hitting three or more 'FAN' symbols is where the fun really starts with just three of these symbols crediting the player with five free games with all winnings multiplied x5. Four FAN symbols will award ten free games with an eye-watering x50 multiplier. Get lucky enough to net all five FAN symbols and you should be dancing and singing with a mighty 15 free spins at an incredible x250 multiplier.

There are loads more bonuses and features in Legend of Singing Fan including landing the 'Magpie' symbols on rows one, three and five which will pay x10 the total bet and initiate a Fan Tan bonus round. This features asks you to select from four equally likely outcomes with big prizes to be won if you select correctly.

Play Legend of Singing Fan - - WGS casinos/games and excluded countries

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The Hive - Betsoft slotThe Hive - Betsoft slot
The Hive was released on 25 June 2020 and features 'wild' symbols to create additional win-lines. When you land these wilds during the free spins bonus round these symbols will expand to adjacent symbols with every spin. Your bonus round kicks off with up to three of these expanding wild symbols and they can accumulate to generate some impressive bonus wins.

Described by the designers as 'a unique hexagonal grid video slot', The Hive is a game full of various bees each with their own attributes and benefits. As mentioned, The Hive has a hexagonal layout perfect for the game's theme with 30 different win-lines per spin and an RTP of 96.97%.

There are three different types of bee to help boost your chances of winning in The Hive. First, the Queen Bee will summon a rush of even more bees. Second up is the Drone Bee who helps to top-up your 'honey meter' which when full will activate a free spins bonus round. Finally, Worker Bees do their magic with winning paylines by applying win multipliers to increase your profit.

Play The Hive - - Betsoft casinos/games and excluded countries

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